Eiropas Ceļojumu Centrs

Eiropas ceļojumu centrs ( ECC) Ltd began its professional activity on 2 October, 2001.
Today, with years of extensive experience and a wide circle of loyal clients we provide superior
outbound and inboud tourism services. More precisely, we organise individual, single, group and
corporate holidays, and we offer charter flights, cruises, hotel reservations, tarvel insurance and
organised excursions.We also offer our services for business clients- such as flight reservations,
visa arrangements,hotel reservations, transfers etc.


  • Address:
    Juridiska adrese: "Baltegles', Plienciems, Engures pag., Engures novads, LV3113
  • Phone: +371 67242600; +371 29415454
  • Fax: +371 67242601
  • @: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Dzintra Šmite

Dzintra Šmite